50 objections to six-storey Dennistoun flat proposal that spells parking chaos

50 objections to six-storey Dennistoun flat proposal that spells parking chaos


Parking chaos could worsen on east end streets as a planning applications committee debates over 50 objections to Dennistoun’s controversial Finlay drive development.

The committee met earlier this week to dispute a proposed six-storey residential build on the site of the old Dennistoun picture house, 100 Finlay drive.


PHOTO – Google Maps.

The consensus of the debate is yet to be determined but the project could have huge repercussions for parking if it goes forward.

The proposed development is set to tower over the area’s existing structures, housing 31 flats, each with a limited share of only 8 parking spaces.

Dennistoun objectors are furious about the impact that the new building could have on the area’s already chaotic residential streets.

Thomas Butler said on the planning applications website that:

“The proposal includes a woeful number of new parking spaces compared to the number of new dwellings.”

Mr Butler expressed that this would: “Compound the car parking issues already prevalent in the area through requiring many new residents to park on the street.”

Dennistoun community council voted against the current plans at their meeting last Tuesday, siding with Mr Butler, and over 50 other angry complainants who raised their concerns on the site.

Council chair, Jacq Munro said: “The community council objection to the current plans are a reflection of the representations from local residents.”

SNP Councillor Allan Casey recently spoke out about the desperate parking situation in Dennistoun.

Mr Casey said: “This parking situation has got everyone riled up. My inbox is flooded every day and people are taking to social media to raise their concerns.

“It’s a great area and it’s only going to get better but it’s also only going to get busier, so we need to fix this soon.”

Mr Casey suggested a solution could be the introduction of a restricted parking zone, a proposal that he says could take over a year to put in place and will cost residents.

Whether the development at 100 Finlay drive goes ahead or not, parking is a considerable concern in Dennistoun and Mr Casey is adamant changes need to be made.


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